Time has become one the greatest limitations to learning. Busy schedules and commitments such as meetings, projects, and job requirements have allowed for online training to become a popular alternative to traditional classroom training. Classroom training courses require multiple employees to be away from their jobs at once, for a long period of time. There are many benefits to having staff complete online training – we have outlined the Top 5 reasons here

  1. Convenience – Independent learning requires less time away from work – physically, meaning that the training is completed from their desk, at the office or at home.
  2. Knowledge retention – Allowing people to learn and explore on their own can help them make deeper connections to the material increasing the knowledge retention. Learners can navigate through the material at their own pace allowing them to understand the topics before continuing – faster learners can also to move along the training at a faster pace without losing focus or becoming bored
  3. Flexibility – eLearning allows learners the opportunity to pause a session without affecting others in the program. Interruptions happen – with a self-paced online learning program you are able to address a situation or interruption and return to the program once it has been resolved.
  4. Accessibility – eLearning allows users to access the training material from anywhere at any time with an internet connection – this means being able to learn from home, the office, during travel, or even while commuting to and from work – eLearning content is available 24hrs a day and can be accessed from different devices
  5. Reduced training costs – Classroom or on-site training courses can become very costly – especially when traveling is required. Online training eliminates the cost of travel, reduces the loss of productivity, the cost of overtime to replace the learner’s position for the duration of the program, and reduces the cost of on-site instructors.

Online training options are a great alternative to classroom training and more companies are seeing the benefits for both the employer and employee. Online training saves the company time and money while creating deeper learning for the employee resulting in an educated, productive and competent workforce.

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