Microsoft SharePoint is a Web application platform developed by Microsoft. The web tools which are designed for the purpose of non-technical users so they can easily Use them. SharePoint can be used to provide intranet portals, document and file management, collaboration, social networks, extranets, websites, enterprise search and business intelligence. It also offers system integration, process integration and workflow automation capabilities.
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SharePoint is a tool to connect people and information. It provides a central site for sharing information with other users. SharePoint is web-based and accessible from anywhere in the world via an internet connection.


Students should have basic knowledge about microsoft technologies and basic programming
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SharePoint Training

  •  SharePoint Administration
  •  Introducing SharePoint
  •  Differences between WSS and Moss
  •  Features of SharePoint
  •  Integrating with Microsoft Office
  •  SharePoint Requirements
  •  Reviewing SharePoint Installation

WSS and Sharepoint configuration

  • WSS configuration
  •  MOSS configuration
  •  Creating a new SharePoint Application
  •  Creating SharePoint site collections
  •  Configuring your site collections

Sharepoint Lists

  • Basics of Lists
  • Adding and editing lists
  • Changing the view for lists
  • Subscribing to RSS Feeds for lists
  • Exporting list content to MS Excel®

SharePoint Libraries

  •  What is a Library and what is a Document
  •  Uploading new documents to a library
  •  Working with documents in a library
  •  SharePoint Library templates
  •  Managing and Customizing Lists and Libraries
  •  Checking in and checking out files
  •  Uploading files
  •  Creating new library files
  •  Using Library templates
  •  Modifying existing lists
  •  Customizing a library


  •  What is SharePoint workflow
  •  SharePoint workflow templates
  •  Custom workflows
  •  Building a SharePoint workflow
  •  Utilizing workflow templates
  •  Associating a workflow with a document library
  •  Creating a custom workflow with SharePoint Designer

Working with Web Parts

  • What is a web part
  • Web part pages
  • Included web parts
  • Customizing pages with web parts

User Management and Profiles

  •  How users login to a SharePoint site
  •  Managing access in SharePoint
  •  Understanding membership groups
  •  Understanding different levels of access
  •  User Profiles
  •  Audiences
  •  Creating new groups
  •  Creating new users
  •  Maintaining a permissions model
  •  Form Services
  •  What is InfoPath®?
  •  Working with InfoPath
  •  Form Controls
  •  Form Templates
  •  Publishing Forms to Document Libraries
  •  Designing Forms
  •  Publishing Forms
  •  Customizing Form Templates

Excel Services

  • Excel Services Overview
  •  The Report Center
  •  Publishing a Workbook
  •  Data Connections
  •  Business Scorecards
  •  Creating a Report Center
  •  Publishing a Workbook
  •  Displaying a Workbook in a Web Parts
  •  Creating a KPI List\
  •  Creating a Digital Dashboard

Business Data Catalog

  •  What is the Business Data Catalog?
  •  Primary Roles for the BDC

Backup and Recovery

  •  Backup and Recovery Considerations
  •  Backup Procedures
  •  Recovery Procedures
  •  Backing up and recovering SharePoint configuration
  •  Backing up and recovering SharePoint sites
  •  Backing up and recovering databases


  •  Enabling Search Feature
  •  Advanced Search
  •  Customizing and Managing Search
  •  File Types and Search Scopes
  •  The Search Center
  •  Exploring Basic and Advanced Search Features
  •  Indexing and Searching Non-SharePoint Sites
  •  Indexing and Searching File Shares
  •  Scheduling Updates for Content Sources
  •  Resetting Crawled Content
  •  Adding a Search Scope to a Site Collection

Web Content Management

  •  The Publishing Portal
  •  Working with Variations
  •  Customizing the Look and Feel of a Site
  •  Creating a Publishing Portal
  •  Enabling Variations on a Site Collection
  •  Managing Labels for Translations
  •  Applying a New Master Page
  •  Customizing a Master Page
  •  Customizing Pages Based on Content Type
  •  Enabling Publishing on a Team Site
Angular Js

Front-End JavaScript Frameworks: AngularJs

About this course: This course concentrates mainly on Javascript based front-end frame-works, And in particular, AngularJs is, The most popular among them. We will review the model view controller(MVC) design-pattern in the context of AngularJs

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