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Join Microsoft Azure training program to make an easy entry to Microsoft’s public cloud computing platform. Our Azure online training participants can easily become working professionals on Platform as a Service, PaaS, and Infrastructure as a Service (LaaS) platform. Many companies are fast migrating to Microsoft Azure so as to save money, integrate on-premises apps, for better functioning of the market.


As a part of our Microsoft Azure Online training program, we do provide numerous benefits to our course aspirants. You can get support from our faculty after completion of course for long. In addition, we do provide a direct access to our learning management system, LMS for making MS azure online reference anytime from anywhere. At the end of a learning session, you will be given ample time to get your queries sorted in the Microsoft Azure Online training course.


  • Basic concept of database and their uses, how tables are formed, and simple queries can be placed.
  • Fundamental knowledge on active directories.