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AngularJS is a powerful JavaScript Framework and it is used in Single Page Application (SPA) projects. The HTML DOM extension adds in more attributes and the programming creates more responsive to user actions. Angular JS is licensed under Apache license version 2.0. Join AngularJS Certification professional course with us to learn about JavaScript Framework that is used in single web page application (SPA) projects. You can get the best online angularjs training from our AngularJS instructors who are highly skilled with real time industry experience. In our angularjs training online course you will get complete theoretical input, relevant course material, and practical workbook, use cases, and provide you with a real time project work.


Course participant will find good jobs on completion of SofttrainOnline’s AngularJS Certification and placement can be obtained easily. We do hold high credentials in IT markets and our HR managers will help you in getting a job.


  • You don’t need to have any specific skill sets to take this Angular JS training Course.
  • Having a basic knowledge of JavaScript can be helpful.